su's zone


hi! i am su, an autistic polyam trans gamedev and amateur musician working from the uk.
my pronouns are she/they.

my work

i've been making things in one form or another since around 2012. mostly music and programming; other feats include drawing, writing, campanology... i've even been a dancer at one point.
currently, though, i'm focusing on gerygone.

sadly, thanks to a slew of both mental and physical illnesses, i don't really have much to show for all this so far - most of everything that i don't actively recoil in horror from is unfinished. still, if you really want to you can see a couple of remixes on the music page, as well as some of my [very bad] writings in the vault. if instead you want to see what's in the works, check out the projects page.

things i like

there's so many good things that i like! here are some highlights:

there's also a lot of other things. if you want to know more, check out the links page! i'll try and keep this site semi-regularly updated too, so feel free to check back every now and then if you like.