su's zone

bubsy is good [and also my wife]

bubsy is very important to me.

it might not exactly be the greatest game of all time, but Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind isn't nearly as bad as everyone makes it out to be - and though i haven't completed it yet, Bubsy 3d is actually pretty enjoyable as well.

anyhow; during mid-2018, whilst attempting to learn the Rust programming language, i made a mildly interactive and very short [estimated "playtime" ~<2mins] fanfiction - "hello world" tutorials are always rather bland, so i decided to inject some of the bubster into this one to make it a little more interesting.
it's completely out of character, of course.

for this 2019 release i've fixed a couple of typos, switched around a couple of error messages so the "interesting" one will be seen more often, and also released the source code [which i apparently forgot to do last time. whoops]!


oh - and while you're around, here's an incomplete remix of the treetops theme from Claws Encounters i made back in... ?? wow jeez this is really in need of an update, no wonder

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