su's zone


progress is slow, but i'll get there eventually. until then, check out gerygone.
also, check out this sick review i wrote of rest well, weary body by Dog Park Recordings.

just a temp image right now.


a run 'n' gun through a tower of avian nightmares gone horribly wrong. features light metroidvania elements. originally created by RC.


gods of the new sun

a JRPG about power, loss, betrayal, and the end of the world with rhythm-based combat. of all the things i'm working on, this and Bridge are the most important to me.



a series of stories, sometimes set on earth.


the bullet hell

lucy gets their wings and proceeds to obliterate the occupying force. part of the New Bridge canon.

prealpha - on hold

the yume nikki clone

literally just yume nikki but gay

prealpha - on hold

just a temp image right now.


a series of videos on Vintage Mario Fangames. only the pilot is currently available.

on hold


the rougelike

a pseudo-DFlike about hunting angels. i'm not sure my abilities are quite up to scratch on generation quite yet, so this might take a while...


nightfall II

an extended reflection of the gameplay and aesthetics of the 200X classic.

concept - on hold

the card game

a promise to an old acquaintance.

concept - on hold

☢ The Vault ☢

i believe that, except in the case of the truly vile or bigoted, art should always be preserved. however, this collection of my oldest available works tests that belief heavily... if you enjoy cringing in second-hand embarrassment and/or pain, this is a collection of old [and mostly unfinished] works that i don't consider up-to-scratch compared to what's in the works. perhaps, some day, i will return to them...


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