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dreamlog 0

Su ████████████████████████
so for some reason my entire family was in a giant school complex
and we were supposed to be going to lessons

i spent all day looking for my teachers and my family but whenever i found them i had to find the others and ended up losing them again
and then i'm in - you know those giant indoor play areas, made of scaffolding and string nets?

Ame ████████████████
YES I love them

Ame ████████████████
Are you still typing

Su ████████████████████████

Su ████████████████████████
i was climing up the netting and suddendly someone starts cutting it below me and i panic and start swearing
i get off as fast as i can, climing sideways because it's set on a hill somehow and then i'm on the floor by moving sideways
and i turn round the corner and there's my teacher (dr solomon from Third Rock From the Sun, somehow) waist-deep in the ground with a broken ankle
we help him up and he dismisses everybody

and then i and my family and some friends are all walking home together through a russian version of venice
and there's the floating volcano island of Galbatorix over the open sea, not far away and it's making these huge crackly rumbling noises
and we talk about how loud it is and i wonder how it's staying up and why it's so dark
because i can tell it's an evil place

and then we're in the car, driving home in the dark through the tiny twisting country roads we have and i'm wondering how i forgot to mention it to you when we were talking about making a floating island
because there's one in real life.... why did we think it was so special

and then suddenly
the scene shifts and Evil from the film Time Bandits is there on the volcano island
and he's made a huge army of cyborg anthropomorphic rabbits

i am one of them
it is terribly dark in this warren
and there's all these terrible machines for unspeakable torture and things like an acid tank they throw anybody and everybody into for food
it is very disturbing and i don't like it so, get this

i put the book down and skip to the end but it's like a preview of the author's next book?
except with the same setting and same Evil
so then three combinations of Kryton and Rimmer (red dwarf characters) come into Evil's lair and they all fool around in a very british comedy way
and then everything blows up??

so i flip some pages back and we're all making our way to the volcano island through a giant slinky
on a plastic horse
and it's like flappy bird and we have to press the "10" button on the television remote to make the horse go up
if we touch the slinky we die

so then we're on the island and the horse and slinky is gone
and we're preparing to fight the rabbit hordes but instead we just fight normal people
and then we're in evil's lair and we find his weakness (kicking footballs at him makes him dead).

we defeat him but not without casulties because whenver some one scores a hit he destroys them
i don't remember how but it was a long and highly tactical fight. somehow

and then we're on the human spaceship (which was not part of the dream until just then) with the rabbits and they're all surprised they're not going to be thrown in our acid tank and everything's happy but i'm very confused

and that's when i woke up

Su ████████████████████████
galbatorix is a character from Eragon
i'm not sure why my mind is so full of other people's characters

recorded 2015-09-12