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since the current versions of VGM formats don't always provide proper tagging of metadata such as track numbers [at least not in a way easily understood by my player of choice, foobar2k], i've put together a few cuesheets to help rectify the issue.

alternate art

VGMRips and project2612 supply images of the game's title screen as album art, so sometimes i combine different artwork localizations into one that i prefer. you can find these here, too.

i'll update these lists as i make more.

how 2 use

it's easy! once you've extracted the corresponding pack from the sites below, just slap the .cue file down in the same folder as the individual tracks and you're golden. you'll probably want to make sure foobar2k is ignoring the original format and delete the .m3u playlist provided with the pack so you don't get repeated entries, however.

[you'll want to make sure you've installed a plugin that can play the files, of course. kode54 makes several good ones, if you're looking for some.]

if you're wondering why the album art isn't showing up - just rename it to "cover" and it should work fine? if that's not your style though, try looking at foobar's album art-matching settings.

source packs

cuesheets don't have any sound data in them; they're just metadata. to actually make use of them, you'll need packs from the following sites:

hardware audio

alternatively, Emma Essex maintains a small archive of some very high quality soundtrack recordings and remasters in both .flac and .mp3 over at LINE-OUT GST. unlike the other sites i've mentioned on this page, which record chip instructions which are then emulated by foobar, LINE-OUT GST generally records directly from hardware output. note that the website can be rather heavy on cpu, though.

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