su's zone

note: have temporarily changed the site's font to comic sans so it's actually readable. will fix later. -su


hi! i am su, an autistic polyam trans gamedev and amateur musician working from the uk.
my pronouns are she/they.

i make stuff

i've been making things in one form or another since around 2012. mostly music and programming; other feats include drawing, writing, campanology... i've even been a dancer at one point.
currently, though, i'm focusing on gerygone.

sadly, due to a number of unfortunate reasons i don't really have much to show for all this so far - most of everything that i don't actively recoil in horror from is unfinished. still, if you really want to you can see a couple of remixes on the music page, as well as some of my [very bad] writings in the vault. if instead you want to see what's in the works, check out the projects page.

i am gay

i love my girlfriends with all my heart. they've helped me through so much and they mean the world to me.

visit the shrine

fursonas are good

dragon is a gay demon possum with magical abilities and sonic.exe eyes. i will never ever apologize for this

look at my sexey ass

i like vintage mario fangames

much of my formative years was spent playing fan-made mario games, and as such they remain a very important interest to me today.

i'm working on creating a few video playthroughs of some of them, as they tend to be very sparsely documented otherwise. you can see how i'm getting on with that here.

i have a blog

i have a blog?? i think???

super bonus round

i have a couple of other things that might be worth checking out too, including my dwarf fortress colour scheme and some cuesheets for VGM files.

cool shit

there's so much good stuff out there! you can find a small selection of some sites i recommend on the links page, as well a number of video series and comics.

i'll try and keep this site semi-regularly updated, so feel free to check back every now and then if you like.