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dreamlog 17

it was summer. we were in a field across from the house, helping to unpack things?
some dogs came over the gate and were very excited. they were good and friendly so we kept them

something happened, but I cannot remember what

we were in a castle. it was all wooden where we were living, but the outer wall surrounding the courtyard was tall and stone.
there was some kind of strange steampunk machine in the hall, all copper and brass, with incomplete spheres that would roll along the paths and get powered up somehow. someone had been working on it for a long while, but there was still something stopping it from working

I watched a television for a bit through the machine's bars. I'm not sure what was showing - possibly a variant of scooby doo???

anyway then the cast of voltron was there

there was a wall with plants, ivy and potted flowers, including a purple flowey at the top shelf
they had an evil scheme plotting: flowey would spread their roots down to the other plants and convert them to their side. I never found out what the point of this was.

the plan was all conveyed through means of a thought bubble, ending with flowey dramatically thinking "now... GROW!!" and then absolutely nothing happening. it was very amusing.

there were lots of animals underfoot. one was the leader of the cats from Cats Vs Dogs, and had come up with yet another evil scheme, this time working together with the other animals. I can't remember the details, but it seemed like it was to distract me and the others working in the hall, and then do something with the spheres in the machine.

i knew what would happen, so I waited in the place I was supposed to be for the plan, but the it never started. eventually I got tired, so I put down what I was holding and moved back around the machine.
at this point the plan started, but everyone was confused and nothing actually came of it

something happened, but I cannot remember what

suddenly the castle was under attack. the voltron cast was almost completely unprepared, with half of their gear not on, so a farmer threw a strength potion at them. this gave them the power to punch a sphere that was suddenly there for some reason all the way from the courtyard, around several corners, back through the hall, and into a furnace. it became blue-hot, but it still wasn't enough. then it was enough after all, so the voltron dude picked it up and, suffering terribly, placed it in the machine, which worked this time.

this enabled it to be put into a giant pokéball, which apparently allowed the user to fly and be very powerful. however, by this time the rest of the populous had fended off the invasion and barricaded the main gate [which was done with steel; a number of the villagers were folding away hazard-striped cover]. a man came out and complained

then they were... training? in middle of the arctic except there were huge mountains. it was very perilous

something happened, but I don't remember what

my mother and I were in the car, heading to church. something was happening with my brother so we were hoping my father would be able to pick him up
we parked at the front and went around to the back, where the minister was having a cigarette break.
he started being transphobic and I tried to shrug it off but they kept going

a bunch of my old friends were there and tried to talk them into reason, which was nice. my mother in particular got really angry and got out a big guide on how to debate and started Debating Online but the minister continued being a shit, so I excused myself and went down to the river

the riverbanks were baked claymation mountains. something came out of one of the caves and rolled a composite rock out along the paths and into the river

I was a piplup, trying to get inside an iceberg

I had to surface before I ran out of air, but I eventually made it
I watched the bank for a while and then woke up

recorded 2018-07-13