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passing thoughts on an ideal file hierarchy.

location purpose optional? permissions
/system/ files of operating system. required -rwxr-----
/system/bin/ system binaries. -rwxr-----
/system/drivers/ hardware drivers. -rwxr-----
/system/fonts/ fonts. -rw-r--r--
/system/lib/ libraries. -rwxr-xr--
/system/lib/vst/ VSTs go here. -rwxr-xr--
/system/config/ operating system settings. -rwxr--r--
/dev/ devices. -rwxrwx---
/apps/ applications. -rwxr-xr--
/apps/config/ application policy settings. -rw-------
/apps/%app%/config application-specific settings.[1] -rw-------
/src/ distribution source code. optional -rwxrwxr--
/users/ users. required -rw-------
/users/%user%/ private user directory. -rwxrwx---
/users/%user%/config/ personal settings. -rw-rw----
/users/%user%/config/%app%/ personal application settings. -rw-rw----
/users/%user%/cache/%app%/ local application data cache. -rw-rw----
/users/%user%/music/ personal music. optional. optional -rw-rw----
/users/%user%/videos/ personal videos. -rw-rw----
/users/%user%/pictures/ personal pictures. -rw-rw----
/users/%user%/documents/ personal documents. -rw-rw----
/users/%user%/documents/src/ personal source code. -rwxrwx---
/users/%user%/downloads/ personal downloads. -rwxrwx---
/users/shared/ shared data. -rw-rw-r--
/users/shared/music/ shared music. -rw-rw-r--
/users/shared/documents/ shared documents. -rw-rw-r--
/users/shared/roms/ shared ROM data. -rw-rw-r--
/dumps/ crash dumps.[2] required -rw-------