look at how gay my girlfriends are

[image goes here once i can afford it]

i'm part of a gay-ace nerd harem with my four wonderful girlfriends:

💞💕💝 Ally 💝💕💞
an incredibly beautiful nerd. she is very friendly and good for hugging.
💞💕💝 Ame 💝💕💞
a completely divine angel of a nerd who makes games.
it runs this site, too!

💞💕💝 Nami 💝💕💞
an absolutely wonderful nerd, one of the sweetest souls i know.
💞💕💝 Serena 💝💕💞
an utterly adorable nerd who loves vintage fangames just as much as i do.

they are all extremely beautiful and rad and cool and I love them so so much