Vintage Mario Fangames

i really like old mario fangames. like, a lot. they were, in my early days online, one of the only things i actually used the internet for - i.e, browsing the Mario Fan Games Galaxy homepage and scouring the archives for new [well, new to me at least] content.

even today a lot of these remain some of my favourite games, and a number of them strongly influenced my getting into gamedev. i still have dreams of creating a spiritual sequel to the Radiant Mask franchise, for example, or of bringing classics like Mushroom Pancakes to modern hardware... one day, perhaps.

some of the old guard of creators are still around too - Phil Salvador for example, the creator of the Waligie series, recently released another entry - a rather short one compared to some of the other titles, but still very much in the same spirit. Emma Essex, the creator of the highly acclaimed Mario Left the Cheese Out, also recently re-released said title [along with a number of their other games, fan- or otherwise] on their page - with a fix for the issues modern hardware causes old CnC applications, no less! in an age where so many titles are abandoned by their corporate owners, seeing small creators acknowledge and care for their old works is wonderful.

anyway... this page is dedicated to playthroughs of a few of these fangames. i would like to add some more content in the way of "critical analysis" at some point, but for now commentated gameplay footage is all i have.


right now there's only one: Aftermath, by Yrr. unfortunately, i miscalculate the audio levels and end up turning the game down to almost completely inaudible levels for fear of the music being too loud. whoops. well, at least i know to check my levels a bit more throughly for future installments now

youtube embed:

i hear chitter might be getting a peertube instance some time in the future? if so, i'll probably reupload this and any other videos i create up there. youtube sucks and is Bad.


in the meantime, why not check out mfgg for yourself?

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