su's zone

note: have temporarily changed the site's font to comic sans so it's actually readable. will fix later. -su

dwarf fortress

you may have noticed by now that i really really like dwarf fortress, that obscure gem of a simulation game from the good folks at bay12 and kitfox games. =p

my colour scheme

here's the colour scheme i currently use [both ingame and here on the site], licensed under CC0. it's supposed to keep the feel of vanilla, but make a few things [such as names of fishery workers, for example] a tad more readable, as well as more easily distinguish the various shades. oh, and brown is actually brown now, rather than just a mushy yellow.

here's a preview:

the dwarf fortress colour scheme i currently use.
black blue green cyan red magenta brown light grey
dark grey light blue light green light cyan light red light magenta yellow white

an extended tileset [coming soon]

once the commercial release comes out you can bet i'll make an extension to the classic tileset as well... unicode has so many tasty, tasty symbols to utilise. watch this space! =]

a df-inspired game? [coming... less soon]

i also have some notes for a df-inspired project on the backburner, but nothing's been set in stone yet... we'll see what happens!

the classic dwarf fortress font

if instead you're looking for the dwarf fortress font that i used to make this site, here you go: a public domain vector version of the default font, made by George Yohng.