su's zone

note: have temporarily changed the site's font to comic sans so it's actually readable. will fix later. -su

my music

music and gamedev is what i spend most of my time working on and thinking about. i'm afraid my taste far outpaces my skill, but we'll get there eventually.

"completed" works

art is never finished, merely abandoned.

i might come back to these at some point, but for now i'm content with leaving these be.

NES godzilla: Mars cover

after reading cosbydaf's NES godzilla creepypasta, i have become obsessed with the nes godzilla mars theme. here's a quick cover of it using four copies of charlatan in openmpt because i couldn't get famitracker working lol

Tourian [moth rmx]

a remix of the Tourian theme from the metroid series, taking heavy inspiration from the progression of Rabbit Rabbit's delightful Sun Moon Stars Air(rmx version). probably had my longest audio development time to date.

also available on soundcloud, if you care for that site.

exowave - Bode [moth rmx]

another remix, this time of Bode by the very talented Exowave.

in stark contrast to tourian above, this was made in a single day.

again, also available on soundcloud.

audio construction zone

and now; here's my collection of unfinished pieces. all are licensed under CC-BY-SA-NC 4.0 or later [apart from the bubsy remix, which is an unlicensed bootleg].
if you want to use any of them in commercial projects, contact me - i'm sure we can arrange something.

Matt Berardo - Woolering Heights [moth rmx]

technically this could be classified as a full mix of treetop tyrants, but since said track is really just a shortened version of Woolering heights, i might as well do the whole thing at some point.

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